There are certain visual experiences—dawn, dusk, fire light, the ocean’s surface—that have the power to both still the mind and provoke a state of alert aesthetic pleasure. The refraction of light on a patterned surface, a momentary union of the ephemeral and the essential, an economy of form and line. These are the always elusive elements of the place where truth and beauty seem to coexist without need of further elaboration or comment. Artists are always in search of it. Architects sometimes achieve it. Andy Blick has spent a lifetime seeking to express the inexpressible by working with clay.

In the production studio, a new idea for an architectural feature begins as a sketch, is formed through an infinite number of subtle modulations of line and surface into a single unit of clay. Fired in the kiln, it will become part of a wall or surface with the power to engage with its light environment in such a way that the space becomes as lively, yet still as a creek in the forest. No project is the same. Each environment is considered for its unique qualities and the details resolved to meet the requirements of each client and their specific needs.